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What you need to do to help your child or you, on the way to learn to swim:
You are already on step one -
1.  Look at the schedule and decide on the level your child needs and decide what days and time you are able to come.
2. You may call me and let me know your childs name, age, phone no. and the session weeks or -M/W or T/T you have decided on. I do try to return calls promptly but will only try 2-3 times - I may have the no. wrong so please call back.
3. Either send in a payment, come by and drop off or pay on line. on your payment PLEASE write your childs name and class time so I credit the right child.
4. Come on the day and time of your class with child ready to learn.  Please no body and hair oils.
5. There is no wall sitting for kids taking lessons unless safety is a concern
6. watch and enjoy. Be positive and supportive - it is a great sport.

Things to avoid:
1. Hey sweety- is the water cold? - the water temp is 87-89's. It IS cooler than body temp but is very comfortable after a few minutes. This is not a spa but a pool. ( still 7-8' warmer than most indoor pools)
2. Talking to your child during lessons- they need to concentrate and do as we ask or the child will not learn as much as possible and you are distracting me, my helper, and the rest of the kids.
3. Wiping eyes or faces - we are in water and they are there to get wet. My water has very good chemicals - I am in it all day and do not use goggles nor do my helpers during classes. They will adjust after a day or two - get a book and read.
4. Avoid negative comments - the kids will learn - some take longer to talk themselves into it - we are very good at pushing at the right time and giving leeway to practice on their own while we work with others.
5. Crying siblings - PLEASE take them to the other room or outside. There is a lot to enjoy outside but go with your child and enjoy together - watch your child while outside.  - We do have fish ponds with water in them - .
6. No FOOD around the pool.

For Swim Lessons - PLEASE READ BELOW:
Swimmers with shoulder length hair must have it pulled back in a pony tail (preferably braided) or wear a swim cap.
Please rinse off body oils, lotions, and hair chemicals before coming to swim. If your child is learning to wash their own hair - please rinse it for them- conditioner left in hair eats my ph.
It helps to have goggles that fit and that are non-leaking and antifog.
I can no longer make up classes you miss.

Swim levels are explained at the bottom of the page.