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Next classes start the end of Febuary 2019
Rountree Recreation has always offered 8 classes per session

;During the school year classes are 2 days a week. Choose Monday and Wednesday OR Tuesday and Thursday.

Please check start and end dates.

Session cost 110.00 per child for the first set taken in 2018 and includes eight classes 45 minutes long.
After the first set in 2018 the cost drops to 95.00 for each set taken in 2018. PER CHILD

I ONLY make up classes canceled due to inclimate weather.  If the weather is unfavorable for swimming, I will call and cancel the classes if I can not teach an on land safety class. 

Sessions:  Please realize I cannot hold a space without payment. You may pay on line, send in mail or bring by. Please call and check space. Please repeat your phone number for clarity. The pool may not be easy for some to find - It is Shipp Circle. Please allow time if new or look ahead.

 I will add or combined classes according to enrollment     
 Levels- level 2 and higher are 45 min. classes. Level 1 classes may be reduced to 30 min. of work depending on the kids level of focus.

Due to the lack of numbers of lesson kids, I will not offer level 1 or 2 for Oct. I will pick back up at the end of Febuary 2019.
Oct. 1 - 25  M/W or T/T
5;30-6;15    Swim team and level 3-4  kids that can swim long way
6;15 - 7pm   swim team and level 3 - 4  kids that can swim long way
7 - 8 pm      Swim team  advanced