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Payments for Swim Lessons, swim team, Parties, Field rentals, Batting cages and Archery and sports classes. Additional Payment options on bottom of the page. If the amount you are trying to pay is not listed, please use the dollar amounts at the bottom.

We use the square here or you may pay with cash or a check.

Remember: you can add multiple items to the cart for multiple children or activities.


Please fill out text boxes for all payments ADD PHONE NUMBER. Call and let me know what class to add your child if you want Swim Lessons. For continuing lessons for 2019 please use misc. for reduced payments - please list child's name, class time and phone number. Thanks.




Swim lessons
Child's name, age, lesson time
phone number


date, time, phone


reason for this?
name, phone


Field Rental
rental time, contact #, name