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Levels Explained:

Levels 1-2: Beginner swimmers. Swimmer is still in the shallow end or just getting comfortable with water. We are working on jumping in, getting swimmers head underwater for 10 seconds, floating on front and back, kicking with straighter legs on front and back, adding arms and starting strokes.

Level 2: Swimmer can hold breath for 20 seconds or more underwater and feet are off the ground when swimming. We are working on freestyle, backstroke, elementary back, side breathing, using correct arms, having a straighter leg kick, and grabbing a breath and keep going. May take a child more than one set of classes to accomplish these skills - may need to repeat as a refresher at the beginning of the summer if not practiced.

Level 3 - 7. Starting in the deep end and real swimming to level 7= Life Guard Skills: (level 3) Swimmers' comfortable in the deep end and can swim 50 yards without getting tired. This is swimming without assistance. Begin swimming continually using side breathing. freestyle, backstroke, elementary back, and dives (level 4) learning breaststroke and mastered some dives (level 5) sidestroke, butterfly, turns, getting strokes stronger and better distance. Getting more horizontal while swimming with stronger and straighter legs and arms. Will take a child more than once or twice to accomplish all of these skills. Dive safe skills and rescue skills. Level 6 is swimming for fitness. And Level 7 is life guard training.

Swim Team: Adults and kids 5 years + who love swimming and can't get enough. Focusing on getting strokes correct and streamlined. This is real swimming with head down, arms long and straight and reaching in front. Working on developing backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly, turns and dives. We go to swim meets and have a beg. summer league.  Must be comfortable swimming in the deep end and can swim 50 yards.